Allinea Performance and Debugging Tools Workshop (C3SE January 2016)

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Name Allinea Performance and Debugging Tools Workshop (C3SE January 2016)
Description Learn to use Allinea’s highly scalable and easy-to-use HPC development tools
Type of event Course
Location Göteborg
Start date 2016-01-28
End date 2016-01-28

Seminar overview

Please join HPC software specialists 'Allinea' for a half-day technical workshop at C3SE on using Allinea tools to improve the efficiency of the development process for your MPI, OpenMP or hybrid applications.

Participants will be given access to the local cluster at C3SE and Allinea tools. This is a real hands-on opportunity to learn from an Allinea expert who will share best practises on how to debug, profile and analyse the performance of your parallel applications written in C/C++ or Fortran.

Using Allinea tools you will be able to progress the development of your MPI, OpenMP or hybrid application much more efficiently as these tools are both powerful and extremely easy to navigate. The workshop will cover the following Allinea tools.


The course is delivered by Allinea staff

Seminar web page and registration

For registration visit:

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