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Weine olovsson.jpg

Weine Olovsson (NSC)

Application expert in Computational materials science, 90% full time equivalent, financed by MATTER

General activities
Application support, installation and help
Other activities
10% research at IFM Materials Science
House G
Linköpings universitet
SE-581 83 Linköping

Quick facts

  • Ph.D. in Physics at Uppsala University 2005.
  • Working at Linköping University since May 2011.
  • My main research topic is theoretical spectroscopy, for example XPS (core-level binding energy shifts), XAS and RIXS (using e.g. BSE).



More information

Helping users with basic and more advanced support for common software such as VASP, Quantum Espresso, WIEN2k. Also experience with several other codes in the area of computational materials science.