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Peter Larsson (NSC)

Application expert in Computational materials science, 20% full time equivalent, financed by SeRC/SNIC

Is active
General activities
Application support
Testing & Quality Assurance
Other activities
Development of ab initio workflow tools
Coordinating technical documentation at NSC
Room 273, House G
Linköpings universitet
SE-581 83 Linköping

Quick facts

  • PhD in Physics (ab initio calculations) from Uppsala University in 2009.
  • Works at NSC since May 2011.
  • Note: Peter effectively retired as application expert since 2015. He is now partner manager at NSC, where he develops NSC’s external collaborations with non-academic customers, such as the Swedish Met Office (SMHI) and Saab.


  • VASP
  • C++/Python programming


I publish some of my findings from benchmarking and testing on my blog at NSC: