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Property type: string

This property provides a "shortest possible" type of description, typically less than a short sentence, used for example to describe a piece of software, or a resource, or a method or anything else really.

It should be used as such:

<page name> is (a/an/the/...) [[description::as little text as possible]].


 HMMER is a [[description::software package for working with profile hidden Markov models (HMM)]].

Note that neither "page title", nor "is a", nor the full stop character are part of the description, much like Debian package descriptions.

The intended benefit for using this property would be within dynamically generated tables, where it will typically appear as short "description" column.

Showing 20 pages using this property.
Computational Chemistry - Enhanced Sampling MD Course at HPC2N in Umeå  +
Course: Computational Chemistry - MD Simulations (NAMD)  +
application of computer science methods to solve chemical problems  +
application of computer science methods to solve and model electromagnetic fields  +
using numerical methods to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows  +
applying the properties of matter to various areas of science and engineering  +
using computers to analyze and solve scientific problems  +
Ab-initio Electronic Structure Computation through LSDALTON Code  +
Commercial Mulitphysics Similation software  +
A hierarchical likelihood ratio test for phylogenetic congruence.  +
Assist researchers from Stockholm in configuring and launching the CAM5.3 global atmospheric model in a nudged configuration. Assist in installing post-processing software for converting CAM5.3 output to arl format suitable for imput into the HYSPLIT Lagrangian transport model.  +
software for macromolecular model building, model completion and validation, particularly suitable for protein modelling using X-ray data  +
Python for Scientific Computing  +
Assembles transcripts in RNA-Seq samples and calculates their abundances  +
biological macromolecule structure calculation based on NMR conformational constraints  +
Debugger  +
Debugging applications using DDT  +
commercial FEM package  +