Portability performance analysis and improvement of ESM

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Name Portability performance analysis and improvement of ESM
Description Porting and performance analysis of earth system models (ESM) on different architectures
Project financing   Other
Is active No
Start date 2009-09-01
End date 2013-02-29Unable to interpret the "2013-02-29" input value as valid date or time component with "Month 2 in year 2013 did not have 29 days in this calendar model." being reported.

This is a EU funded project called IS-ENES. The current prject is part of IS-ENES WP8 Task 2. This project is a collaboration between NSC and SMHI. The goal of this project is porting and performance analysis of different ESMs on different platforms. We have done porting and analysis of NEMO and EC-EARTH3 on different systems,e.g., Ekman and Lindgren at PDC and PRACE tier 0 system Curie.


Chandan Basu (NSC)NSCApplication expertComputational science