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We provide an overview on publicly available training materials from SNIC related (e.g. SNIC centres) and external sources.

This pages is currently under construction and more contents will be added soon.

Basic use of HPC systems


Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) has produced a clear and general set of slides about HPC Linux.

This video about Unix from 1982 is surprisingly relevant today, and can impart an understanding of the underlying philosophy behind the *NIX operating system.

Job schedulers


SLURM is currently the most widely used job scheduler by the SNIC centres. Unless you are using software, whose GUI is well integrated into the scheduler, having some knowledge about it is required when working at a SNIC installation. On the SLURM website you can access the official SLURM documentation an FAQ and (video) tutorials. In addition the SNIC centres provide their own documentation, also describing local customisation:


Parallel programming


For MPI related training and documents see the resource section of our MPI page


For OpenMP related training materials refer to the resource section of the OpenMP page.

GPU programming

Online tutorials from Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Quantum Espresso







CP2K =

Other topics

Data Management

The Data Management Seminar Online is a 3-hour seminar aimed at any UPPMAX or SNIC user who deals with large data volumes — many files, or large files, or both. The seminar focuses both on practical aspects and general best practices, e.g. how to use rsync to move files, where to place data, etc.

SNIC Science Cloud

The SNIC Science Cloud Workshop Material on Github takes 3-5 hours to complete, and teaches how to work with OpenStack-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).