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CSA is a Python implementation of the Connection-set Algebra (Djurfeldt 2012). Connection-set Algebra is a formalism for describing connectivity in neuronal networks. The CSA library provides elementary connection-sets and operators for combining them. It also provides an iteration interface to such connection-sets enabling efficient iteration over existing connections with a small memory footprint also for very large networks. The CSA can be used as a component of neuronal network simulators or other tools.

See the following reference for more information:

Mikael Djurfeldt (2012) "The Connection-set Algebra---A Novel Formalism for the Representation of Connectivity Structure in Neuronal Network Models" Neuroinformatics 10(3), 1539-2791, <http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12021-012-9146-1>

General info

  • Ease of Use: Intermediate
  • Maturity:Intermediate


  • Python


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License: Free.


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