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This page is intended for informal discussions regarding topics on the main SNIC Knowledge Base page, and uses the exact same text format. While we do not try to impose any kind of order or structure upon this page, please try to keep your additions constructive and readable. It is also recommended to start a new heading for every new topic. This page will be moderated from time to time, and topics of general interest may be moved to the main page.

I monitor this page and will receive an e-mail when something is added -- Torben Rasmussen (NSC)

Please click any of the Edit links to start talking!


Comments, suggestions and ideas are all welcome! (Torben Rasmussen (NSC) 12:08, 4 March 2011 (CET))

Jag skulle vilja editera huvudsidan, eftersom "UPPMAX" har stavats med en blandning av versaler och gemener. "UPPMAX" är en akronym, som skall stavas med endast versaler. Om jag inte tillåts editera, kanske någon annan kan vara snäll och göra det? -- lka (Lennart Karlsson, UPPMAX)

Thank you for noticing Lennart, I have changed this now. Torben Rasmussen (NSC) 15:07, 28 March 2011 (CEST)

Layout of start page

Can we do something about the start page? It's about 5 times to long and starts with a long list of people. Can we put that into a sub category perhaps? And make something about the left side menu. Shortcuts to sub-pages for example. With the sonc wiki as an example.

Yes, Jens, we can and we will. BTW, please sign your comments.

Joel and I will be reorganizing the first page, the left-hand side menus, etc. in the coming weeks. Torben Rasmussen (NSC) 11:57, 7 June 2011 (CEST)