GU Certificate Instructions

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GU is not part of the Terena certificate project and employees currently have to request certificates from Nordugrid, which will require a 'face-to-face' identification. The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. You generate a certificate-request and send it to
  2. Print the certificate-request on paper.
  3. We agree on a time when you can come by and identify yourself.
  4. Bring the printout and id-papers.
    1. In this way we know that you are who you are and that the certificate-request is the one that was sent to us.
    2. When you arrive (Hörsalsvägen 7b, plan3) we will make a copy of your id-paper, compare your paper printout with what you sent us and sign your certificate request send it along to the CA in Denmark. CA in Denmark will send your signed certificate, usually within 7 days.

Instructions for generating a NorduGrid certificate-request can be found at Requesting_a_grid_certificate_from_the_Nordugrid_CA