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Certificate authentication is needed in some special cases, and more convenient for use in automation (ie. Robot certificates).

Some communities require certificate authentication and such users might already have a certificate, that certificate is likely good to use with Swestore.

This pages describes the procedures to acquire a certificate (if needed), how to reformat the certificate for use with various tools and finally how to make Swestore aware that you have a certificate.

Acquire an eScience client certificate

If you already have a valid grid or eScience certificate you don't need to acquire another one.

Organizations who are members of SUNET TCS should be set up to be able to use the instructions on Requesting a grid certificate using the Sectigo SSO Portal.

As a last resort, if your organization does not and will not support Sectigo certificates, see Requesting a grid certificate from the Nordugrid CA.

This step can be performed while waiting for the storage application to be approved.

Manage your eScience client certificate

Please make sure to also install your client certificate in your browser unless you have already done so.

Register your eScience client certificate in SUPR

You have to register the certificate in SUPR for Swestore to be aware of it. Make sure your certificate is stored in your browser, log in to SUPR , click Personal Information in the left menu, click Register Client Certificate and follow the instructions. Please wait for up to 10 minutes for this information to be distributed to Swestore.

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