Vasp best practices (Stockholm, May 2019)

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Name Vasp best practices (Stockholm, May 2019)
Description VASP best practices
Type of event Seminar
Location Stockholm (PDC)
Start date 2019-05-29
End date 2019-05-29

Weine Olovsson from NSC will be visiting PDC on the 29th of May and will give a training seminar about how to run VASP efficiently on supercomputers. Case studies will be shown with examples from Beskow and Tetralith. The seminar will consider parallel efficiency and memory usage for different calculations, including influential settings such as NPAR, NCORE, NSIM and KPAR.

The last part of the seminar will be for questions, problems and general discussion. You will have the chance to log in to Beskow to run jobs and practice what you have learned (but note that for this you will need to have a PDC account before the seminar starts). Weine is the main expert on VASP within SNIC so if you use VASP for research, be sure to make the most of this opportunity!

Please see the event webpage for registration information.