Utilising a modern HPC environment (Lunarc, May 2016)

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Name Utilising a modern HPC environment (Lunarc, May 2016)
Description Utilising a modern HPC environment
Type of event Seminar
Location Lund (Lunarc)
Start date 2016-05-18
End date 2016-05-18

This event provides an overview on how to use a typical HPC cluster, in particular, the systems and services available at Lunarc. The event discusses the different ways of connecting to the systems and how to transfer files and data. It will show how to use the installed software and provide a detailed discussion of the batch system.

The event will be held on 18th May 2016 at 13:30. The venue will be Pepparholm in LTH's Studiecentrum.

Please visit the event page and register for this event using the Lunarc doodle page.