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I would use it to help those who really need help, mostly contributing to a vital society. Of course, everyone's ideas are different, not to say 

that with 75,000 to buy a package not bad, how to spend their own money to someone else bugger, do not worry so much about the opinions of others.

Authentic Hermes bags are expensive, a common counter BIRKIN platinum package priced at $ 75,000.00 in Hong Kong, those wallets, belts, is moving tens of thousands,

not my other general public mulberry outlet online can buy. According to the introduction of online love Mashi Guan, HERMES authentic bags is that it causes your noble descent, rich culture,

high-quality raw materials and superior workmanship.

Noble descent refers Hermes has many years of making bags for the royal experience, LOUIS VUITTON also says, I do not know what this race and now can not as an

attractive thing, anyway, it is not my how cold, a word in the final analysis, Hermes began long before the design for the production of royal luggage, bags have very

rich experience, qualifications to do bags, and this descent and the royal family involved because together, and thus change noble.

Hermes materials are based on the characteristics of leather, for example, be sure to select a region, a small bull ages to extract the production of leather material,

read the Hermes with the helicopter vendors to make some leather seat, which is very detailed instructions on how to choose the production of high quality materials,

it is undeniable that this is indeed part of the cost is very high, because the leather out of the opportunity is very large, there are any flaws, Hermes will not be


Consumers to spend money on Hermes bags, Hermes, of course buy from non-rich and expensive, is not an ordinary person. But no matter what kind of people, more than 10

million to buy Hermes bags, walking in the streets if the vote was a strange look, and even say it is also the value of high imitate a few hundred pieces,

psychological nature will be upset. But the reality is now a high imitation of Hermes, LV, GUCCI street, no one will believe you are in the hands of Hermes to more

than 10 million, said it will only smile and be yourself.

High quality imitation Hermes bag is good, cheap, most people simply do not see! Through the use of imported leather to make the original Hermes counter with the same product, regardless of the size of the bag, color, color, feel have sought to

reach agreement with the authentic (similarity to), so most people simply do not see it, we save the so-called descent, first-class workmanship costs, not to mention

now that the bag is 10 million yuan, 10,000 yuan is not required, and now it only need 4500.00 yuan cost.

About HERMES / Hermes

hermes can be said that the most expensive luxury, and before long you may have heard about a 30 million yuan of handbags, this is a Hermes bag, compared with LV,

GUCCI luxury handbags Hermes bag that much more expensive. High imitation hermes bag has two levels, one is ordinary leather as the main raw materials, work in

general, the skin with water or moisture easily deformed, poor quality of some, there is a production of the imported original Hermes leather, and Love Mashi Guan net

product is very close friends of course the price is very expensive. All of our imported original Hermes leather bag, according to Hermes counter genuine one to one

production, so production costs cheap mulberry handbags are very high, of course, it's quality is also very reliable.