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{{application expert info
|first name=Rossen
|last name=Apostolov
|snic ae financing=50
|other ae financing=
|fields=Molecular dynamics
|other activities=Technical Director for ScalaLife EU Project (50% financed)
|office=PDC, KTH;Teknikringen 14, 4F;SE-100 44 STOCKHOLM;SWEDEN
== Quick facts ==
* Working at PDC since 2010
* Ph.D. 2008 in Computational Biophysics
* Working on Gromacs development
* Involved in [http://www.scalalife.eu/ ScalaLife]
== Expertise ==
* [[expertise::Gromacs]]
* [[expertise::Molecular Dynamics]]
== General Responsibilities ==
* Expert support to the end-users of MD applications
* Maintenance/benchmarking/performance analysis of MD simulations software on SNIC resources
== Projects ==
* New format, library and API for efficient storage of binary trajectory data.
* Multi-level MD - hybrid-QM/MM simulations of membrane systems.
* Automated systems for multi-scale molecular simulations.

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