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{{application expert info
|first name=Jing
|last name=Gong
|fields=Computational fluid dynamics
|office= PDC; Teknikringen 14 ;100 44 Stockholm
<-- |financing=who finances the application expertise part of your position (ideally: just a single word, or as few words as possible with percentages in decreasing order) -->
<-- |general activities=Semicolon separated list of things you do as an application expert.; If you feel it is necessary.; Use minimal *but complete* sentences.-->
<-- |other activities=Semicolon separated list of things you do outside of your work as an application expert.; Like other part time duties.; Use minimal *but complete* sentences.-->
<-- |image=name of an uploaded image file -->
== Quick facts ==
* Or any other heading.
* This part is clear text and very much up to you.
* Bullet lists are good
* for the lazy
== Expertise ==
* [[expertise::Python]]
* [[expertise::mass spectrometry]]
* [[expertise::flux capacitor calibration]] -->

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