UPPMAX Introductory Course, August 16-19, 2022

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Name UPPMAX Introductory Course, August 16-19, 2022
Description UPPMAX Introductory Course
Type of event Course
Location Uppsala (HYBRID)
Start date 2022-08-16
End date 2022-08-19

Course overview

This 4-day course provides an introduction to the high-performance computing (HPC) environment offered at UPPMAX. It offers an overview on how the systems work and covers skills from basic Linux usage to more advanced tips and tricks, including Python scripting. Participation is open to all existing and prospective SNIC users.

When: August 16-19, 2022.

Where: hybrid course: online and on campus Polacksbacken, Uppsala.

For more information and registration, please visit: https://www.uppmax.uu.se/support/courses-and-workshops/introductory-course-summer-2022.