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This template creates a standard info blurb for a resource, and registers the relevant categories and properties. Will protest loudly in bold red if mandatory information is missing. If you do not wish to provide a certain piece of required information: do not use this template. Or else you will corrupt the database with incorrect information.

Usage: {{resource info|description=|centre=|name={{PAGENAME}}}}

All the parameters are named, and can be given in any order. description should be a shortest-possible style description of what the resource is, eg. it should fit into the second formatter of "%s is a %s." (note absence of capital first letter, leading word "a", and ending full stop character). commissioning date and decommissioning date specify when the resource opened and started accepting jobs from users, and when it will close (optional). active states whether or not the project is currently considered to be active, and is used both to simplify queries and to handle corner cases in an explicit manner. name defaults to {{PAGENAME}} and should in principle never have to be set to anything else.


{{resource info
|description=capability cluster resource of 60 Tflops with full bisection interconnect
|commissioning date=2007
|decommissioning date=