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Swestore iRODS

Swestore iRODS is distributed across two SNIC centres NSC and PDC.

Data is stored in two copies with each copy at a different SNIC centre. This enables the system to cope with a multitude of issues ranging from a simple crash of a storage element to losing an entire site while still providing access to the stored data.

Using Swestore iRODS

Basic information

For basic information on how to apply for storage or become a member of an existing project, please check the main Swestore page.

Download and upload data

From the command line

There are several command line tools capable of using the protocols provided by Swestore iRODS. For interactive usage on SNIC clusters we recommend using the iCommands which should be installed on all SNIC resources. There are too many commands to document fully here.

  • Please check full and updated documentation at iRODS official Documentation.
  • The command line client may be downloaded from iRODS Download page.
  • Configuration of the icommands requires a file called irods_environment.json to be placed in a subdirectory .irods/ of your home directory (e.g. ~/.irods/irods_environment.json).
  • A template of this file is available: download irods_environment.json.

You must edit this with a text editor (not MS word, but notepad for Windows, textEdit for Mac or any Unix editor) and put your SNIC username in the place for <YOUR_SNIC_USER_NAME>.:

  "irods_host": "irods-login.swestore.se",
  "irods_port": 2432,
  "irods_default_resource": "pdc-gpfs",
  "irods_home": "/snic.se/home/<YOUR_SNIC_USER_NAME>",
  "irods_cwd": "/snic.se/home/<YOUR_SNIC_USER_NAME>",
  "irods_user_name": "<YOUR_SNIC_USER_NAME>",
  "irods_zone_name": "snic.se",
  "irods_client_server_negotiation": "request_server_negotiation",
  "irods_client_server_policy": "CS_NEG_REFUSE",
  "irods_encryption_key_size": 32,
  "irods_encryption_salt_size": 8,
  "irods_encryption_num_hash_rounds": 16,
  "irods_encryption_algorithm": "AES-256-CBC",
  "irods_default_hash_scheme": "SHA256",
  "irods_match_hash_policy": "compatible",
  "irods_authentication_scheme": "PAM"

From GUI client

Graphical User Interface (GUI) clients are known to work on some operating systems.

Access using WebDAV (map a network drive)

WebDAV endpoint for Windows 10, Linux and OS X https://snic-irods-webdav.pdc.kth.se:8443/snic.se/

Accessing Swestore-iRODS via WebDAV
WebDAV Mac OS X https://snic-irods-webdav.pdc.kth.se:8443/snic.se/ This is OS standard WebDAV connection · "Connect to server" function in Finder :

To access Swestore iRODS via WebDAV you'll need to authenticate with your username and password. 1.Click the 'Finder' icon

MacOSX Finder.png

2.In 'Finder', locate the menu bar at the top and then navigate to Go > Connect to Server.


3.In the 'Connect to Server' dialog box, enter the URL to Swestore iRODS WebDAV endpoint, in the 'Server Address' field.

4.Click Connect.

Once the connection is made, you are prompted for your WebDAV username/password.

Once you’ve connected, the WebDAV directory is mounted in your 'Finder' and on your desktop.

You can now start adding, editing, deleting files in this directory from the comfort of your computer.

Mounted webdav GUI.png
This interface is ...
This is mount with "mount_webdav" command at terminal

If you prefer to access your Swestore iRODS files via command line, you can mount the WebDAV-enabled server directory via mount_webdav command

MacOSX Terminal WebDAV mount.png

From a web browser

Davrods is an Apache WebDAV interface to iRODS
Davrods Projects https://snic-irods-webdav.pdc.kth.se:8443/snic.se/projects/ To browse private data you'll need to authenticate with your username and password. This interface is intended as simple directory index interface. It's purpose is to list, view, download, publish, share data. It is NOT intended to upload data.
Swestore-iRODS simple webdav dir listing.png
Home https://snic-irods-webdav.pdc.kth.se:8443/snic.se/home/ To browse private data you'll need to authenticate with your username and password.
Public http://snic-irods-webdav.pdc.kth.se:8888/snic.se/home/public/ This web interface is used to publish data with "world" and no authentication is required.
NOTE: different port 8888 
Metalnx Login https://snic-irods-web.pdc.kth.se/emc-metalnx-web/login/ To access SNIC iRODS Zone you'll need to authenticate with your username and password. Metalnx is a web application designed to work alongside iRODS. It is a graphical user interface and serves as a client that authenticates to an existing iRODS Zone.
Screenshot 2020-03-04 at 14.09.10.png