NVIDIA GPU Boot Camp and DLI (Sept 2019)

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Name NVIDIA GPU Boot Camp and DLI (Sept 2019)
Description NVIDIA GPU Boot Camp and Deep Learning workshop
Type of event Workshop
Location Stockholm
Start date 2019-09-24
End date 2019-09-25

Seminar Location

OpenLab, KTH

Seminar overview

This two-day event will start with a GPU boot camp, which is an exciting and unique way for scientists and researchers to learn the skills needed to start quickly accelerating codes on GPUs. In the boot camp we will introduce you to available GPU libraries, programming models, and platforms where you will learn the basics of GPU programming through extensive hands-on collaboration based on a real-life code using the OpenACC programming model.

Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or novice programmer, you’re welcome to join this boot camp. Be prepared to learn, brainstorm, and build amazing real-world skills.

On the second day, you will learn deep learning techniques for a range of computer vision tasks through a series of hands-on exercises. You will work with widely-used deep learning tools, frameworks, and workflows to train and deploy neural network models on a fully-configured, GPU-accelerated workstation in the cloud. After a quick introduction to deep learning, you will advance to: building and deploying deep learning applications for image classification and object detection, modifying your neural networks to improve their accuracy and performance, and implementing the workflow you have learned on a final project. At the end of the workshop, you will have access to additional resources to create new deep learning applications on your own.


The course is delivered by NVIDIA staff


Note that this event is only open to people who are working in academia or studying in academia.

Please register using your academic email address.To register for this event, please visit www.kth.se/form/5ce79caeeafec7224520bf3c.

Note that you can choose to register for only one of the two days, but we recommend attending both.