NSC introduction to Tetralith/Sigma (Apr 2022)

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Name NSC introduction to Tetralith/Sigma (Apr 2022)
Description NSC introduction to Tetralith/Sigma
Type of event Seminar
Location Online, Linköping
Start date 2022-04-26
End date 2022-04-26

An online event with two parts:

  • A short introduction suitable for new users to the NSC Tetralith (SNIC) and Sigma (LiU) clusters. Topics include the module system, submitting jobs, working with Python, allocating GPU:s for simulations or graphics and other useful information.
  • An open session for questions with several NSC application experts attending.

Feel free to join (and leave) whenever depending on your interest. The online event is open for all present and prospective NSC users.

Time: 26 Apr 2022, 10:00 - ca. 11:15 Introduction, ca 11:15 - Open session. The zoom link is distributed in the SNIC training newsletter.

The presentation will be available on the event webpage.