Matlab (Lunarc, October '16)

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Name Matlab (Lunarc, October '16)
Description Parallel Computing in MATLAB and Scaling to SNIC HPC Clusters
Type of event Workshop
Location Lund
Start date 2016-10-05
End date 2016-10-05

Workshop overview

This hands-on workshop will provide attendees a walk through of parallel computing with MATLAB, using the Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT). Attendees will learn to use parfor, spmd, and distributed array constructs. Additionally, the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (MDCS) will be described, allowing users to offload their computationally intensive MATLAB algorithms and scale parallel jobs to multi-node SNIC HPC resources.


Basic familiarity with MATLAB is desirable.

Web page and registration

More information is available and registration is now open at the Mathworks webpage.