Introduction to PDC (September 2015)

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Name Introduction to PDC (September 2015)
Description Introduction to PDC
Type of event Course
Location Stockholm
Start date 2015-09-17
End date 2015-09-17

Seminar Location

Room 304, PDC, Teknikringen 14, KTH

Seminar overview

This is a half-day course centered on how to use the systems that PDC is providing, and is a good starting point for people that are unfamiliar with how computer clusters work.

The course will be divided into 2 lectures focusing on basic and advanced method for using PDC systems. The course will cover some background, what clusters are available, applying for PDC resources, how to login to PDC, acquire accounts, Logging into clusters, running software on various nodes, storing data for easy access, compiling, etc...


The course is delivered by PDC Staff

Seminar web page and registration