Introduction to Linux and Abisko (HPC2N, May 27)

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Name Introduction to Linux and Abisko (HPC2N, May 27)
Description Introduction to Linux and Abisko
Type of event Course
Location Umeå
Start date 2015-05-27
End date 2015-05-27

Seminar Location

MIT building, Umeå Universitet (Room to be announced later.)

Seminar overview

This is a half-day course centered on how to use the systems that HPC2N is providing, and is a good starting point for people that are unfamiliar with how computer clusters work.

The course will be divided into 2 parts finishing with a short hands-on session. The first part of the course will cover basic Linux commands and tools, while the second part will focus on the Abisko supercomputer (applying for HPC2N resources and acquire accounts, how to login to Abisko, how to run software, etc.).


The course is delivered by HPC2N Staff

Seminar web page and registration