Introduction to HPC (Lunarc November 2015)

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Name Introduction to HPC (Lunarc November 2015)
Description Introduction course for new users of high performance computing
Type of event Course
Location Lund (Lunarc)
Start date 2015-11-26
End date 2015-11-26

Course overview

The course provides an introduction to the high-performance computing (HPC) environment offered at Lunarc. The course gives a better understanding of how the systems work and how they can be used.

Many of the concepts discussed in the course will also apply to system hosted at other HPC centres in Sweden (SNIC) or beyond (e.g. Prace). Participation is open to all existing and prospective users of HPC from Swedish institutions.


  • An introduction to the UNIX environment required to use the Lunarc systems
  • An overview of the Lunarc systems
  • How to access the systems and utilise the system software
  • The purpose of the different file systems and how to manage data
  • The principles of the queue system and how to submit and manage jobs
  • Applications in Python using NumPY/SciPY on the Lunarc resources
  • Using Matlab on the Lunarc systems

Course web page and registration

For more information and registration, go to the Lunarc webpage. Registration is now open.