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Minimal field category page. Copy and edit to suit your needs.

Do not go overboard with the description of the field. Remember that many pages will link to this page and what users probably will want are the lists of experts and software, and the index of articles, and what people will not want to do is to scroll through pages and pages of text to find the stuff they do want. If you feel you need to type out an exhaustive overview of the field: do it on a separate page and link it from here.

Remember to create the Talk: page (example here).

{{field info
|description=what to put in the second arg to the complete sentence sprintf("%s is a %s.", ...), and note that it has neither capital first char nor terminal full stop char. 
{{PAGENAME}} is {{#show: Category:{{PAGENAME}}|?description}}.

== Experts ==
{{list general experts}}

== Software ==
{{list software for category}}