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{{training event info
{{training event info
|description=Gaussian Workshop at HPC2N in Umeå
|description=Gaussian Workshop at HPC2N in Umeå
|fields=High performance computing, gaussian
|fields=High performance computing; Gaussian
|event type=Workshop
|event type=Workshop

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Name Gaussian Workshop, HPC2N, 14-15 May 2018
Description Gaussian Workshop at HPC2N in Umeå
Type of event Workshop
Location Umeå
Start date 2018-05-14
End date 2018-05-15

Course overview

This two-day workshop will cover many of the methods available in the Gaussian 16 package which has support for GPUs. There will also be a short introduction to the subject of electronic structure theory and a hands-on where the participants gets to try out Gaussian 16 themselves. During the course, the participants will be able to use Gaussview graphical interface (license of 30 days provided by Gaussian).


  • Chemical Potential Energy Surface Review
  • Model Chemistry Review
  • Solutions & Spectroscopies
  • Laboratories/hands-ons

Participations is free. Lunch and coffee will be provided.

Course web page and registration

For more information and registration refer to the Course webpage