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[[Category:SweStore user guide]]
[[Category:Swestore user guide]]
[[Swestore|< Swestore]]
[[Swestore|< Swestore]]

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< Swestore

Swestore is available for researchers financed by VR (which includes all researchers using SNIC compute resources) and FORMA.

The problem with lack of resources has now been solved. Currently we are in an approval process for a new usage policy. Swestore will shortly (June 2016) open for new projects.

Research Communities

Swestore is also in collaboration with ECDS, SND, Bioimage, BILS, UPPNEX,WLCG, Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet. If any of these cover your research area, first read their information on applying for Swestore storage.


If you are a member of an UPPNEX project on UPPMAX, an iRODS service is already available and configured for you, please see http://www.uppmax.uu.se/faq/how-to-move-files-to-swestore-using-irods for more information on how to use it.