ARM HPC hands on workshop (Feb 2020)

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Name ARM HPC hands on workshop (Feb 2020)
Description Introduction to PDC
Type of event Course
Location Stockholm
Start date 2020-02-18
End date 2020-02-18

Course location

Room 304, PDC, Teknikringen 14, KTH

Course overview

This one day hands-on workshop will introduce the Arm HPC hardware and software ecosystem.

The workshop will be a mixture of presentations (to introduce topics) and hands-on tutorials (to explore those topics).

In addition to giving you a general overview of the ARM ecosystem, the workshop will provide training both for current generation hardware and instruction sets (Marvell ThunderX2 and NEON) and future generation (A64FX and SVE).

Through a set of pre-prepared tutorial examples, participants will be guided through an introduction to the compiler and maths libraries, and on to the compilation and emulation of SVE vector instructions. Additionally we invite participants to bring, and use, their own code examples to evaluate the hardware and HPC software stack.


The course is delivered by ARM Staff


To register for the course, visit