ARC client installation Mac OS X

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Installing the ARC Graphical Clients on Mac OS X requires MacPorts. When MacPorts has been installed check out the following 2 repositories to your home directory:

$ svn checkout svn:// ./globus-ports
$ svn checkout svn:// ./arc-ports

Next, update add the local repositories to to MacPorts by adding the following lines in the /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf before the rsync://rsync.macports… line, as shown below:

file:///Users/[user id]/globus-ports [nosync]
file:///Users/[user id]/arc-ports [nosync]
rsync:// [default]

To make MacPorts aware of the new local repos issue the following commands:

$ cd globus-ports
$ portindex
$ cd ../arc-ports
$ portindex

To install the ARC client tools issue the following commands:

$ sudo port install nordugrid-arc-client

The graphical clients can then be installed with:

$ sudo port install arc-gui-clients

Please note that proxy-generation using the firefox credential store is somewhat buggy. If it doesn't work you can always export your certificate and convert it using the arccert-ui graphical tool. Look in the MacPorts folder in Applications. The other tools can also be found in this folder.