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Our Patron-- Tony Hakim

I'm just pleased of the fact that I am the chairman of Anti-Depression Association of Australia (ADAA) and also that Tony Hakim is our own leader. He have been outstanding, he's certainly one of the factors it's all feasible, especially on the approach. For quite a while now, we are already planning to build the ADAA. It really is a significant project. Neither of us have done a not-for-profit business previously, so it is actually fresh to us.

One important thing that's good with us is that considering the fact that we had been working with each other, we already acquired that professional connection. I first met him during the time that we were attending Marist Brothers Pagewood. I was at first mates with his brother, and we have been introduced.

Soon after school, I never got connected with Tony not till the day I bumped into him. That's the period when I became a consultant concurrently Tony had a modest Telco venture.

During the past, I worked for the Minister for Consumer Affairs, creating the responses to numerous inquiries. That period trained me the ability of reading and interpreting an act of parliament.

I was certain that Tony's market will prosper. If only he would make use of his billing, he could resell particular Telco services that only Optus and Telsra currently have.

So I decided to drive down his ranch to show his options. My efforts hadn't gone into waste, he liked the idea of reselling. His personnel grew from 16 to 200 in just one year ... Then, Digicall bought his firm.

I left and went off to start-off a family. And for him, he returned to his business. After three years, he reached me to inquire exactly what new business could we do together. I advised him that I always liked a national Telco company.

We integrated a billing platform with a hardware system so clients could save money. Jeff Kennett, the chair of Beyond Blue (the National Depression Initiative), became our first chairman. Undeniably, before the year ends, we went national and acquired 500 staff. The concept that a person can use their bill credits to help balance out various Telco expenses, with some similarities to how the cellular phone structure works. Users jump on plans considering they are a even more helpful way to high-ticket technology. We also work around landlines that is exactly why more people are profiting from it.

This brings us to today and the ADAA. Tony is a guru in terms of funding and laying out plans. And a great confidante too. Once, I informed him that we could for some reason fix anxiety and depression, only it will definitely cost us highly. He instantly evaluated my model and had determined the key resolution of the service. He suggested that we could possibly set it up online. The upfront cost might be higher but at least we just have to pay once. From the set-up day, the expense will be manageable. Concurrently, since it's online, it would have the ability to reach a larger and farther patrons.

Tony supported me to come up with a variety of product which is set to kick off on March 18. They will help, possibly, thousands of people.

He is reserved and good to a fault. As you can tell presently, I pride to be Tony Hakim's buddy.