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[[Category:Computational Physics]]
[[Category:Computational physics]]
[[Category:Computational Chemistry]]
[[Category:Computational chemistry]]
== General Info ==
== General Info ==

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General Info

The Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP) is a program for performing electronic structure calculations. It is commonly used in the physics and materials science communities.

VASP is not a "free" software. A valid VASP license is required to be allowed to use it.


  • Main web page. News about bug fixes and general information about VASP.
  • VASP online manual. Find out what all those INCAR keyword means, what their default values are, etc.
  • The VASP forum. For discussing "tricks of the VASP-trade", which knobs to turn, why results look strange, etc. To be able to post questions, you have to be registered and you need a VASP license.