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* [[project::Snicdocs]]
* [[project::Snicdocs]]
* [[project::Dalton CPP-LR parallelization]]
* [[project::Dalton CPP-LR parallelization]]
* Remote visualization and desktop service

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Torben small.jpg

Torben Rasmussen (NSC)

Application expert in Computational chemistry, 100% full time equivalent, financed by SNIC, SeRC, and PRACE

General activities
Application expert coordinator (25% FTE).
Installation and support of computational chemistry software.
Snicdocs editing and development.
Other activities
User administration at NSC.
Involved in NSC Express development.
Room A2:150, House G
Campus Valla
Linköping University
013 28 1494 (office)

Quick facts

  • Work at NSC since 2008
  • Handle user relations, general support, software installations, etc.
  • Work with general usability improvements
  • Ph.D. in 2001
  • Five years of postdoctoral experience in the field covering applications within organic chemistry, biochemistry, and life science
  • Experience with parametrization of molecular mechanics force fields