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Mikael Djurfeldt (PDC)

Application expert in Neuroinformatics, 100% full time equivalent, financed by KTH

Other activities
Own research in computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics
Teknikringen 14
100 44 Stockholm

Quick facts

  • Application expert in Neuroinformatics
  • PhD 2009 on Large scale simulation of neuronal systems
  • Working mainly for INCF (International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility)



  • Main developer of MUSIC
  • Main developer of CSA
  • Collaboration with Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski, CB, KTH and Michael Hanke, NA, KTH on multiscale simulations of reaction-diffusion systems in nerve cells
  • Supervising PhD student Ekaterina Brocke together with Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski and Upinder Bhalla, NCBS, Bangalore
  • Collaboration with Mårten Björkman and Danica Kragic, CVAP, KTH, in neurorobotics
  • Collaboration with Jochen Eppler and Markus Diesmann, Forschungszentrum Juelich, on integration of NEST and CSA
  • Collaboration with Andrew Davison, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, Jochen Eppler and Eilif Muller, EPFL, Lausanne on integration of PyNN and MUSIC