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Joachim Hein (LUNARC)

Application expert in Parallel programming, Performance optimisation, 85% full time equivalent, financed by SNIC, PRACE

General activities
Parallel programming support
Performance optimisation
Other activities
Work part time at EPCC, The University of Edinburgh.
Rm 1304
John Ericssons Väg 1
223 63 Lund
+46 46 2224309

Quick facts

  • Working at Lunarc, Lund University, since 2010 (part time)
  • Researcher Mathematic-NF, Lund University, since 2010 (part time)
  • Working at EPCC, The University of Edinburgh, since 2002 (currently part time)
  • Doctorate in theoretical Physics (Lattice quantum field theory), Hamburg University, Germany, 1996
  • Application areas and applications worked on include: Lattice quantum field theory, Biomolecular systems (Applications: NAMD, Gromacs), Computational plasma physics (Applications: Centori, GS2, GEM), Computational chemistry (Applications: Siesta, Castep, CP2K, GPAW), Computational fluid dynamics (Application: EBL3, OpenFOAM)
  • Provision of HPC training courses, in particular parallel programming (MPI, OpenMP)