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|last name=Nilsson
|last name=Nilsson
|fields=OpenFOAM;Computational Fluid Dynamics
|fields=Computational fluid dynamics
|snic ae financing=30
|snic ae financing=30

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Håkan Nilsson (C3SE)

Application expert in Computational fluid dynamics, 30% full time equivalent, financed by SNIC

General activities
Organize a PhD course in CFD with OpenSource Software OpenFOAM. Organize OpenFOAM user group meetings. OpenFOAM installations.
Other activities
Committee member of the annual international OpenFOAM Workshop.
Administrator of the FOAM-extend project at SourceForge.
Collaborator with main developers
Industrial OpenFOAM courses.

Quick facts

  • Professor in fluid dynamics at Chalmers, Department of Applied Mechanics, Division of Fluid Dynamics



  • Snicdocs
  • Hydropower simulations
  • Tidal power simulations
  • Biomechanics