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David Silverstein (PDC)

Application expert in , 50% full time equivalent, financed by SeRC

Other activities
Neural modeling and tool development at KTH/CB
Climate finance
Teknikringen 14
100 44 Stockholm

Quick facts

  • At PDC since fall 2012
  • BS in cognitive science (UCSD); BA in mathematics (UCSD); MSc in complex adaptive systems (Chalmers)
  • PhD in progress at KTH computational biology
  • Industrial experience in software, bioinformatics and finance
  • Research in models for visual perception, attention and emotional processing


  • NEURON simulator
  • SPLIT neural simulator (developed at KTH)
  • Other neuroinformatics tools such as NeuroML
  • Various languages including C/C++, Java, Python, Perl, Matlab, SQL, Lisp, ...


  • Modeling the effects of gliomas on fiber tracts
  • Assisting on development of alternative numerical methods for NEURON
  • Neocortex models and benchmarks