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* [[expertise::TAU]]
* [[expertise::TAU]]
== Projects ==
<!-- == Projects == -->
* [[project::Petascaling enabling and support for EC-EARTH3]]
{{#set:project=[[Petascaling enabling and support for EC-EARTH3]]}}
* [[project::Improving MPI communication latency on euroben kernels]]
{{#set:project=[[Improving MPI communication latency on euroben kernels]]}}
* [[project::Portability performance analysis and improvement of ESM]]
{{#set:project=[[Portability performance analysis and improvement of ESM]]}}
* [[project::Dalton CPP-LR parallelization]]

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Chandan Basu (NSC)

Application expert in Computational science, 100% full time equivalent, financed by EU (75%), SNIC (25%)

General activities
Working on climate and weather codes
EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.
Other activities
Collaborative work with SMHI and MISU
Room 179, House G
Campus Valla
Linköping University
013 282579 (office)
0736569357 (mobile)

Quick facts

  • Ph.D. in Computational physics
  • Working at NSC since 2009
  • Working on benchmarking, optimization, and scaling issues
  • Involved in IS-ENES and PRACE
  • Involved in optimization of meteo-climatology codes EC-EARTH and CESM