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This page provides an overview on high performance computed related training available to users and personnel of the SNIC.

Training events offered or supported by SNIC

 Start dateEnd dateEvent typeLocationDescription
UPPMAX Introductory Course, August 16-19, 202216 August 202219 August 2022CourseUppsala (HYBRID)UPPMAX Introductory Course
Awk workshop (UPPMAX, August 2022)29 August 202230 August 2022WorkshopUppsala (hybrid)Awk Workshop
Using Python in an HPC environment, September 2022, UPPMAX/HPC2N9 September 20229 September 2022WorkshopUmeå, Uppsala (ONLINE)Using Python in an HPC environment
An introduction to UNIX/LINUX, September 202214 September 202214 September 2022SeminarOnline, organised by LUNARCAn introduction to the UNIX/LINUX command line
Introduction to Kebnekaise, 2022-09-15, HPC2N/UmU15 September 202215 September 2022CourseUmeåIntroduction to Kebnekaise
Basic Singularity workshop (UPPMAX/HPC2N, September 28)28 September 202228 September 2022WorkshopUmeå, Uppsala (hybrid)Basic Singularity workshop

An overview on training events offered in the past is available from the past training events page.

Training offered by other providers

  • SeSE provides courses in the field of e-Science for PhD-students within the Swedish academia.
  • PDC and SeSE have an annual summerschool at the end of August.
  • The Prace training portal provides an overview on the training offers available from PRACE. These include course, tutorials and slide sets from past events.
  • HLRS in Germany, in cooperation with other German HPC centres overs an extensive HPC training program. See the HLRS website for the 2015 program. Some courses are offered in English while others use German as the teaching language.

Community specific training