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This template creates a standard info blurb for a resource, and registers the relevant categories and properties. Will protest loudly in bold red if mandatory information is missing. If you do not wish to provide a certain piece of required information: do not use this template. Or else you will corrupt the database with incorrect information.

Usage: {{resource info|description=|centre=|name={{PAGENAME}}}}

All the parameters are named, and can be given in any order. The only readable text produced by this template is "{{{name}}} is {{{description}}}, and is located at {{{centre}}}.", and even this can be suppressed by setting quiet=true. name defaults to {{PAGENAME}} and should in principle never have to be set to anything else.


{{resource info
|description=a capability cluster resource of 250 Tflops with full bisection interconnect
|software=a comma separated list of pagenames for installed software