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Swestore iRODS at NSC

iRODS is a distributed storage management system which enables the user to control the access to his/her data via policies which are expressed as rules. Basic information about how to store and access data had been described above. Additional information about iRODS can be found at the iRODS web site.

iRODS system at NSC

At NSC we host a replica metadata server and two storage server nodes at the moment. All data stored is replicated between PDC and NSC.

Accessing iRODS from the compute cluster

Data stored in iRODS is accessible from tetralith. We have got the command line client installed on the cluster. You should have the client configuration files in place under the .irods directory as it has been described under the introductory pages. Issue:

 module load irods-client/4.2.6

after which you should authenticate using iinit and then the iCommands like iget, iput, ils should work as expected.