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== Technical overview ==
The SweStore National Storage infrastructure is implemented using the
distributed storage solution [http://www.dcache.org dCache].
Slides on SweStore National Storage [[media: TekniskbeskrivningSweStore.pdf]]
The core services of the system is located at HPC2N at Umeå
University. There are over 65 (in Nov 2011) online storage pools
attached to the system and they are located at Lunarc, C3SE, NSC, PDC,
Uppmax and HPC2N. A file upload usually go directly from the source to
one of the storage pools without going through the core service which
gives a high aggregated transfer performance for the system. All files
in the SNIC part of storage are replicated on a different site for
availability reasons. Unless the core services are unreachable, an
entire site can be offline without any loss of functionality for
There are several access protocols for SweStore National Storage. The
primary ones being the SRM and WebDAV.
SweStore currently uses certificates for authentication. Please see,
[[Grid certificates]], for information on how to get and manage
There are no backups of data on SweStore. The files are replicated to
minimize the risk of data loss due to hardware problems. But if the
end user deletes a file it will be lost.
There are currently no tape backend attached to SweStore, but that may
be changed in the future. The tape would be used for archiving data
that hasn't been accessed for a long time.
One very nice aspect of SweStore access is that staging data in and
out from grid clusters with ARC works really nice. Instead of copying
data to the clusters and then copying the results out again you can
let ARC do that for you. Just specify the input file URL:s you need
and let ARC do the work for you.

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