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(User's Guide)
(User's Guide)
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* [[SweGrid/User's_Guide|Introduction]]
* [[SweGrid/User's_Guide|Introduction]]
* [[SweGrid/Client_installation|Client installation]]
* [[SweGrid/Client_installation|Client installation]]
* [[Grid certificates]]
* [[SweGrid/Grid_certificates|Grid certificates]]
* [[Using SweGrid resources]]
* [[Using SweGrid resources]]
* [[Application examples]]
* [[Application examples]]

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Swegrid is a computational grid consisting of 600 computers distributed over six sites throughout Sweden:

  • Lunarc, Lund
  • C3SE, Göteborg
  • NSC, Linköping
  • PDC, Stockholm
  • Uppmax, Uppsala
  • HPC2N, Umeå

Access to SweGrid is granted through the Swedish National Allocations Committee (SNAC). There are two types of allocations:

  • Medium size allocation - Granted directly by the SweGrid technical coordinator.
  • Large size allocation - Granted on a peer-review procedure through the SNAC committee.


At the moment the SweGrid resources consists of 6 clusters with approximately 3000 cores connected through the 10 GigE SUNET network.

Each node has a 2 quad core 2.67 GHz Xeon processor with 16 GB RAM and an 250 GB 7200 rpm SATA local disk.

The nodes within each cluster are connected by gigabit Ethernet.

Each cluster has approximately 100 TB of short-term storage available as session and grid-cache.

Swegrid is designed mainly for high-throughput computing, to quickly process large numbers of loosely coupled non-parallel computations. This is in contrast to most of the current national computation resources, like Neolith, Akka and Lindgren, which are designed to run a smaller number of large, parallel jobs.

Applying for time

Researchers linked to any Swedish academic institution may apply for time on SweGrid resources. Applications for resources should be directed to SNAC.

For user support, please contact support@swegrid.se. You will receive an automatic confirmation containing a trouble ticket number, and a Swegrid techician will shortly reply to your questions.

User's Guide

Other sources of information

SweGrid is hosting a Web home page at: www.snic.vr.se/swegrid. This is the best place to receive current information about the center and the compute resources as well as planned courses, seminars, online documentation, system user guides etc. Bookmark this page!