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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[FAQ]] - Frequently asked questions.
* [[FAQ]] - Frequently asked questions.
* [http://www.pdc.kth.se/about/contact/support-requests More information on how to contact PDC support]

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Support alternatives:

Centre support
e-mail: support@c3se.chalmers.se
e-mail: support@hpc2n.umu.se
e-mail: support@lunarc.lu.se
e-mail: support@nsc.liu.se
e-mail: support@pdc.kth.se
e-mail: support@uppmax.uu.se
This is by far the quickest way of getting your problems solved, and this is where you should address all your support questions. In case an issue cannot be immediately solved by these support queues it will be forwarded to the right place for you.
Application support
e-mail: application-support
This mail address can be used if you have support questions that are not directly regarding how to run a given application on a specific SNIC HPC resource, but regarding how to use the application itself or how to solve an issue with the application that is not specific to running it on a certain resource.
The application-support queue is monitored by all the application experts, who are distributed over all the six SNIC HPC centers, so there is a good chance that someone who knows the given application will see the support request and help answer your questions or solve your issue.
If you don’t know whether or not to use the application-support address for your support request, then just send your request to the support address at the HPC center where you run your jobs. Then someone monitoring that support queue will in turn move your support request to the application-support queue if they find that your request is better handled there.
SweGrid support
e-mail: support@swegrid.se
For support regarding the SweGrid resources
Swestore support
e-mail: swestore-support
For obtaining support regarding the national storage.
For guides on using the National Storage, see Swestore National Storage
See also Apply for storage

See also