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|description=Performance profiler for parallel applications
|description=Performance profiler for parallel applications
|fields=Performance optimisation; Computational science
|fields=Performance optimisation; Parallel programming; Computational science

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Scalasca is a performance analysis tool specially geared towards investigating parallel programs. It can also be deployed to profile serial applications.

Scalasca can analyse programs written in Fortran, C and C++ which are parallelised in MPI and/or OpenMP.


AlarikLUNARCthroughput cluster resource of 40 TFLOPS
AuroraLUNARCthroughput/general purpose cluster resource
PlatonLUNARCthroughput cluster resource of 26 TFLOPS
TriolithNSCCapability cluster with 338 TFLOPS peak and 1:2 Infiniband fat-tree


License: Free.

Free but copyright


These experts have registered specific competence on this subject:

  FieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Joachim Hein (LUNARC)LUNARCParallel programming
Performance optimisation
85Parallel programming support
Performance optimisation
HPC training