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Name SNIC Emerging Technologies
Description SNIC Emerging Technologies
Project financing   SNIC
Is active yes
Start date 2014-05-01
End date

Currently, many SNIC centres are continuously investigate the market for current developments in emerging technologies and even buy hardware for evaluation. However, in many of these activities user involvement is limited and efforts are often duplicated between centres. This activity aims to coordinate these efforts and competence within SNIC and provide SNIC users and communities with early access to new technologies. The project will also work closely with the user communities to see if they have interests in upcoming technologies.

Three focus areas have been defined:

  1. Storage Technologies (C3SE, HPC2N)
  2. Access-methods and remote visualisation (Lunarc, UPPMAX)
  3. Future HPC and Accelerators (Lunarc, PDC, HPC2N)

Joined project to coordinate the training offered by the SNIC centres. An overview on the training events offered or supported by SNIC is available on the training page of this wiki.


Jonas Lindemann (LUNARC)LUNARCApplication expertGrid computing
Desktop environments
Mathias Lindberg (C3SE)C3SESystems expert
Thomas Svedberg (C3SE)C3SEApplication expertSolid mechanics