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|start date=2013-02-01
|start date=2013-02-01
|end date=2012-03-31
|end date=2013-03-31

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Name Porting Earth system models to triolith
Description Port three commonly used Earth system models to triolith.
Project financing   SeRC
Is active No
Start date 2013-02-01
End date 2013-03-31

The goal of this project was to port three commonly used Earth system models (EC-Earth, CESM1 and NorESM) to the triolith cluster at NSC. All the required configuration scripts were generated and typical model configurations were tested for functionality and load balancing. Triolith now accepted as a 'supported machine' by the EC-Earth 3 developers, awaiting confirmation of status as a supported machine (tier 2) for the CESM1.1 model.

A low resolution (T159L62) version of EC-Earth 3 was also set up and tested.


Hamish Struthers (NSC)NSCApplication expertClimate research