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|?general activities
|?general activities

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PDC is located at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

List of resources

Ferlinthroughput cluster resource of 58 TFLOPS
LindgrenCray XE6 capability cluster with 305 TFLOPS peak performance
PDC storagePDC Swestore storage node of 200Tb
ZornGPU cluster


  RoleFieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Henric Zazzi picture.jpgHenric Zazzi (PDC)Application expertBioinformatics100Bioinformatics Application support
Person.pngJohan HellsvikApplication expertMaterialvetenskap30materials theory, modeling of organic magnetic materials,
Jonathan Vincent.pngJonathan Vincent (PDC)Application expertParallel programming100
Lilit.jpgLilit Axner (PDC)Application expertComputational fluid dynamics50
Mikael Djurfeldt.jpgMikael Djurfeldt (PDC)Application expertNeuroinformatics100
Ov.jpgOlav Vahtras (PDC)Application expertComputational chemistry0
Radovan bast.jpgRadovan Bast (PDC)Application expertComputational chemistry50Computational chemistry
Person.pngSzilard PallApplication expertMolecular dynamics55Algorithms & methods for accelerating molecular dynamics, Parallelization and acceleration of molecular dynamics on modern high performance computing architectures, High performance computing, manycore and heterogeneous architectures, GPU computing