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== List of resources ==
== List of resources ==
{{#ask: [[Category:Resource]] [[in production::no]] [[centre::{{PAGENAME}}]] |?description}}
{{#ask: [[Category:Resource]] [[Resource in production::yes]] [[centre::{{PAGENAME}}]] |?description}}
All these resources have the same [[Software at NSC|installed software]].
All these resources have the same [[Software at NSC|installed software]].

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The national supercomputer centre (NSC) is located at Linköping University.

List of resources

NSC storageNSC Swestore storage node of 200Tb
TriolithCapability cluster with 338 TFLOPS peak and 1:2 Infiniband fat-tree

All these resources have the same installed software.


Please click any person's name for more information.

  RoleFieldAE FTEGeneral activities
Chandan.jpgChandan Basu (NSC)Application expertComputational science100Working on climate and weather codes
EU projects IS-ENES and PRACE.
Frank.jpgFrank Bramkamp (NSC)Application expertComputational fluid dynamics100Installation and support of computational fluid dynamics software.
Hamish Struthers-ae-crop.jpgHamish Struthers (NSC)Application expertClimate research80Users support focused on weather and climate codes.
Person.pngJens Larsson (NSC)Systems expertSwestore
Joel hat.pngJoel Hedlund (NSC)Application expertBioinformatics0
JohanR.pngJohan Raber (NSC)Application expertComputational chemistry50
Person.pngKrishnaveni Chitrapu (NSC)Systems expertSoftware development
Kronberg small.jpgMats Kronberg (NSC)Systems expert
PeterK.jpgPeter Kjellström (NSC)Application expertComputational science100All types of HPC Support.
Pla-110x160.jpgPeter Larsson (PDC)Application expertComputational materials science20Application support
Testing & Quality Assurance
PeterM.jpgPeter Münger (NSC)Application expertComputational science60Installation and support of MATLAB, Comsol, and Julia.
Rickard.jpgRickard Armiento (NSC)Application expertComputational materials science40Maintainer of the scientific software environment at NSC.
Jeff.jpgSoon-Heum Ko (NSC)Application expertComputational fluid dynamics100PRACE European Project, SMHI HYPRE Parallelisation, SNIC Parallelisation Support
Torben small.jpgTorben Rasmussen (NSC)Application expertComputational chemistry100Installation and support of computational chemistry software.
Weizhang.pngWei Zhang (NSC)Application expertComputational science
Parallel programming
Performance optimisation
code optimization, parallelization.
Weine olovsson.jpgWeine Olovsson (NSC)Application expertComputational materials science90Application support, installation and help