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*Torgny Faxén, NSC
*Torgny Faxén, NSC
*Anders Hast, Uppmax
*Anders Hast, Uppmax
*Joel Hedlund, NSC
*[[Application_Experts#Joel Hedlund, NSC|Joel Hedlund, NSC]], Bioinformatics
*Joachim Hein, Lunarc
*Joachim Hein, Lunarc
*Jonas Lindemann, Lunarc
*Jonas Lindemann, Lunarc

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Welcome to the SNIC knowledge base and documentations site.

NOTE: This site is under constant development and is still in the early days of it's existence!

The aim of this site is that you should be able to get information, help, tips-and-tricks, etc. regarding the most widely used computational tools.

Application Experts

System Experts

Scientific Topics

Computational Chemistry

Prominent Software

  • Molecular Dynamics
    1. GROMACS
    2. Namd
    3. Amber
  • Monte Carlo Thermodynamics
  • QSAR

Computational Physics

Prominent Software

Condensed Matter

  • VASP



Bioinformatics is the science of handling information in biology (category page).

Prominent software

  • Sequence analysis
    • BLAST - sequence similarity search and pairwise local alignment.
    • HMMER - pattern recognition for protein families or domains.
    • Multiple sequence alignment - simultaneous alignment of multiple biological sequences.
  • Computational evolutionary biology
    • PHYLIP - Phylogeny.
    • MrBayes - MCMC prediction of phylogenetic trees.
  • Docking
  • Molecular Modeling
    • GROMACS - molecular dynamics, Newtonian simulation of motion.

Meteorology and Climatology

  • RCA
  • RCO
  • NEMO

Visualization and post-processing

  • Grace
  • Gnuplot

Software Development

  • Compilers and Libraries
    1. Intel, PGI, GNU Compilers
    2. MPI
    3. BLAS
    4. MKL
  • Profiling and Debugging
    1. TotalView
    2. Vampir
    3. Valgrind
    4. Intel trace analyzer

Grid information (SweGrid/Swestore)


Using This Wiki

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