Introduction to SweGrid (NSC 2011)

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This course provides an introduction on how to use grid computing and grid storage available in SweGrid and SweStore. It is intended for new users as well as current HPC users. The lectures will be given by Jonas Lindemann from Lunarc. Contents

  • An overview of the foundations of the Grid.
  • Applying for membership in a virtual organization (VO).
  • Installation of grid client software.
  • Generating proxy certificate.
  • Creating job descriptions (xRSL).
  • Submitting and monitoring jobs.
  • Downloading jobs.
  • Storing and retrieving data to and from external URL:s.
  • Using runtime-environments.
  • Creating and managing parameter sweeps
  • Introduction to SweStore and the national storage infrastructure
  • Accessing storage resources.

The course is delivered as lectures together with hands-on practical sessions.

Course material



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